Terms and Conditions

1. You need to let the financial trainer know atleast 5 hours in prior if you miss any sessions. If you haven’t informed in prior you won’t get a repeated session in future
2. The payment made to the company is not refundable.
3.Once you book a date or confirmed a date from your financial trainer you cannot modify it or change it.
4. Our company is completely a training solution.
5. Our service is all online and training will be happening through video conference portal
6. A session can be missed only once in your tenure of membership. Means you can attend a session twice at the max, and no more. You will not get any repeated session after that
7. If you fail to follow the rules of diamond & platinum membership for 7 days, then your membership will be suspended for 1 month. You can re start the membership again, you have to follow the rules for 1 month and get added back.
8. Company will use your reviews/images in text and video graphic format to advertise periodically for the company.

The Terms and Conditions will be updated regularly, Make sure to be up to date.

There are 4 rules for Diamond & Platinum Membership you need to follow everyday.
1. You need to trade everyday
2. Update trade screenshot everyday with strategy name
3.trade only on my watchlist
4. Attend after market session
Your membership will be temporary cancelled for 1 month If you don’t follow the rules consistently

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Terms and Conditions for taking the Loan

1. If we issue an approval, we agree to provide a loan up to the limit and for the term specified in the approval. The limit or term may be different to the limit or term you asked for in your application.

2. The grant of a loan is conditional upon you providing us with the documents which we may request from you to our satisfaction.

3. You must repay the loan in instalments. We notify you the amount of the instalment and each instalment payment date.

4. Any balance owing for the loan (after payment of all instalments) must be repaid on the final payment date we notify you

5. If you do not make an instalment on or before the relevant due date:
• the loan plus all accrued but unpaid interest plus any other sum due to us is immediately due and payable; and
• we charge you a late payment fee as set out in the tariff booklet or elsewhere in our banking agreement.

We will recover any available funds which are available from the nominated account as settlement of any dues to us. The unpaid portion of the loan instalment will be shown as arrears in the loan account. We will charge interest on this overdue amount.

6. Venteskraft will not be responsible for any sort of failure of payment of instalment.

7. The repayment of the loan shall be completely between the borrower and credit fair.

8. The borrower will be solely responsible for the repayment of the installments even if he/she wishes to discontinue the course with venteskraft.